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Animal Rescue and Care

Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation

Our partner organizations have rescued and rehabilitated wild animals such as eagles, bears, and lizards as well as street animals such as dogs, cats, mules, and cows to recover from medical issues and to find a new home or be released into the wild.  Give The Dream Foundation helps  by donating funds and providing skilled volunteers in remote locations around the world. 

We partner with veterinarians and the local population to address the root issues that cause human animal conflict and illness.

Give The Dream Foundation has been raising funds to support the work of various wildlife and street animal rehabilitation projects on 3 continents since 2016.  

We hope to continue to raise more funds to bring much needed veterinary care to support the projects and help them thrive and  to grow outside of their local areas. If you love these animals like we do then consider sending a donation for these projects. 

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