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Saving Lives with Clean Water Pumps


African Villages- Water Pump Replacement Project Background

Unfortunately extreme poverty in countries like Togo and the Gambia persists and the problems poverty creates are widespread. Hunger, water-borne illness, disease, lack of education, gender inequality, and overall a poor quality of life all stem from poverty. Having clean water is a basic need and is the first step in improving the quality of life for these villages


The Togo Clean Water Project has been taking donations for over 10 years and they have replaced broken pumps in villages throughout the country bringing clean water to over 300.000 people so far. Recently our joint project replaced 18 broken pumps in communities that lacked potable water with new pumps. 35 additional communities need a pump replacement and we are trying to raise the money here..

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How it Works

Community Involvement

Benefits of this project

35 villages need help

The villages applied to be part of the project, and each village has raised 25% of the project costs. They are involved in bringing the equipment from the port to their village. Once the money and materials arrives the job is completed in a few hours. During the installation, the villagers listen a presentation put together by the volunteers which addresses hand washing, sanitation, gender equality, food security, and other issues that the villages face daily.

The equipment restores clean water which is a basic need of any village. Water is pumped all day to be used for drinking, cooking, farming, bathing. Hand washing and good hygiene will increase with flowing water. This project will impact the local community by eliminating the daily need to transport water from an outside source which is usually done by women and girls, giving them a chance to focus on their family needs or getting an education.

It is difficult for a village to come up with 25% for the water pump replacement. But 35 villages have been able to get the money together and have asked for help from the Togo Clean Water Project. They receive no help from their government and the people are suffering and dying. Without any means, the people are not able to ask for help from the outside world. Providing water pumps to these 35 villages in need gives them a foundation to fight malnutrition and disease in their families.


Give The Dream Foundation Update—- Togo Clean Water Project: $11,515.71 IN TOTAL RAISED!
The Togo Clean Water Project is brought water to 16 more villages in  the last few years. This means about 10,000 thirsty people will have a clean water source for the next 10-15 years!!!! Thanks for all of the support and donations. Please consider donating on this site and we will help bring more water pumps to 15 more villages this year.

In 2014-15 We were able to help successfully replace water pumps in 17 villages and bring water to about 30,000 people.  This project was made possible through very generous donations from Rudolf Greiwing GmbH and Faher Konzept GmbH, which are German logistics companies wishing to make a difference. The project was managed by the US Peace Corps in Togo, The Togo Clean Water Project Engineers, and Justin Spees from the Give the Dream Foundation.

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