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Elephant Conservation and Environmental Protection


We are working with the Southern African Wildlife College to help protect Marula trees and Elephants.

Give the Dream Foundation volunteers are participating in elephant research studies at the college aimed at reducing the destructive impact of elephants on Marula trees. When the elephants feed off the trees they tear off the bark which exposes the xylem, allowing termites and beetles to get into the tree’s water lines.

Marula trees are vital to the ecosystem and they provide refuge for birds as well as bigger animals like leopards.  The college researchers have been wrapping the tree trunks in wire fencing, allowing the trees to flourish.  When Elephants destroy trees, people retaliate by killing elephants.  By protecting the trees and educating the locals we can also protect the elephants.

GTD also supports elephant rehabilitation projects throughout Africa and Asia.  Please donate to this cause by clicking below and contact us for more information.

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