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Clean Up The Mess & Reduce Your Carbon Footprint 

Clean Up The Mess and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

The simple goal of this project is to pick up littered masks and to give the funds raised to a local university to fund renewable energy and a reduced carbon footprint.   
Volunteers will hike and dive in search of littered masks and other trash in and around the Tahoe Basin this spring.
Give the Dream Foundation is a public, non-profit charity that was founded in the Lake Tahoe Basin. During the cleanup, we hope to to raise $4000 in donations which will be donated directly to local nonprofit businesses, specifically for the funding of the foundations' renewable energy purchasing contract with NV Energy.  With this $4000 donation the foundations will be able to ensure that 50 percent of their power will come from renewable energy which will drastically reduce the carbon footprint of local non-profits annually.




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