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Give The Dream Foundation is currently supporting projects to build a girls’ dormitories and teacher accommodations at schools in Lesotho as a part of the Let Girls Learn Peace Corps Initiative.  The funding for the projects was a combination of community contributions and international contributions like yours.  Several of the buildings are near completion, however now there is a need for bunk beds and additional building materials.

The girls were forced to walk long distances to get to school and they have been sexually assaulted and mistreated on the way.  The dorms will allow the girls to spend the week at school and then return to their villages over the weekend.  The parents of the girls continue to support the project and after the buildings are completed, they will contribute to build bunk beds.

Your donation will work towards project completion.  If any amount is left over then it will go  towards our next project related to repairing and equipping schools in Sub- Saharan Africa in order to educate the local youth. 

GTD continues to support educational projects around the world.  Please click the link below to donate, and contact us for more info.

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